Friday, May 15, 2009

Are professional friends personal?

I take pride in doing my job. I take pride in the fact that my professional opinion is exactly that "professional. If I know I speak, or i keep shut. 

I care for my sub ordinates and got all out to shield them. When they are right I shield them and when they are wrong I shield them, but in this case I have them when I am alone with them.

I treat my seniors as seniors. When they are right I obey them. When they are wrong I tell them that my opinion differs. If they still insist, I persist. Depending on how right I think they are, depending on how much more experienced they are, depending on my analysis of what brings them to this decision, I decide whether I think they are right or wrong. Depending on this decision of mine, I either comply with their orders or I ignore, I say no, or I or the senior in question takes the matter higher up the chain of command for resolution.

Most of the people who have worked under me swear by me. I am not beating my own drum. Most of them call me even after years of parting ways. Most will cross a crowded street to come n greet in public. i feel honoured. 

Life has not exactly been a bed of roses for me, but this respect, love and concern by my subordinates makes up for most of it.

I cant tell U exactly what my seniors feel about me. The seniors who see through me, and understand my ideology and way of work get gifts for me when they go abroad. They call my wife n wish her birthday. They ping me on gtalk or messenger. 

I dont care what the seniors who dont understand me think about me.

I am narrating this as today in office I had a fight with a senior who is not very senior to me. More of a friend than a senior. My neighbour who also happens to work with me in office and is slightly senior to me.

Our ideologies clashed and our methodologies differed. This senior has been groomed in a different way, I in a different way. I dont know which ideology is right, which methodology works. 

This senior took this clash of ideologies to a personal level. "I am senior to you. You better wish me in the morning. Mind you" Totally unexpected. At this level cant we differentiate personal and professional.

I told U what I think about seniors who dont understand me. That is professional. I would have completely ignored this senior and moved on. Maybe I am arrogant. This is what I am.

The instant case is different. This senior was a close friend, a confidant. My neighbour in the life after office. Professionally I dont care. 

Personally it hurts.


Writer & Filmmaker said...

Colleagues are colleagues. Business associates are business associates. Subordinates are subordinates.

Friends are friends.

Family is family.

Love is love.

Never a good thing to mix them.

All one should be careful is how they prioritize whom. They all exist in their own space n time.