Monday, June 22, 2009

The Pain errr Rain Dance

The Rain Dance....a regular feature in the party circuit in town. The name itself fills the mind with images.....rain (natural or artificial), booze, dance, babes....

I also love rain dances and so does the wife. We have been to a number of Mumbai....Kharagpur (yes of all places)...Delhi. Our experience has been varied....mostly good....sometimes bad. The bad mostly to do with the artificial rain not being continuous. Yes, it is really comfortable to get wet n dance, and then the rain stops and ur clothes stick to your body, and you sweat and you itch and then suddenly the rain starts again and then you feel cold and then you dance harder to feel warm and drink harder to feel warmer and then the rain rain goes away, just as if little Tommy wanted to play.

Anyway, we approached the rain dance last Saturday with mixed feelings. We had not been to a dance in ages so really wanted to let loose, but thoughts of little Tommy wanting to play again that night kept our enthusiasm in check. We reached the location with a few friends and occupied the table strategically located close both to the dance floor and more importantly the bar.

The music was blaring, the rain was pouring (they had rigged up showers being supplied from the swimming pool, so chances of the supply being interrupted were scarce). We had a few drinks just to set the mood and the momentum going.

And then we hit the dance floor. The DJ was exceptional. The music was mostly trance, and since I was already a few pegs down, I was enjoying the music and the head banging. Slowly the level of alcohol in my blood started reducing and I started noticing...........Noticing the people around me. The babes that I had been anticipating..........but here is what I saw.

Young girls...maybe still in school or just out......wearing next to bottles in their hands....dancing or at least trying hard. What little of clothes they had on were clinging to their bodies.....When the beer was gulped down, their hands went around their boy friends.....Yes, that is exactly what they school or just out........They were all over each other......

I was aghast....I consider myself still young...the current generation. But this was too much even for me. Had the generation gap already wedged itself between the next generation and mine. Even if it had, am sure the parents of this younger generation belonged to my generation or older. How could they allow this?

Was this the new status symbol?? Letting your kids dress like this...especially for a rain dance??? They say, the men are always at fault leching, groping, touching. But I am still a firm believer. If you ask for it so desperately... U will surely get it.

Parents wake up

So the babes for me were gone...what was left was the booze, dance, trance and rain....(lots of it)

And dance we fact the dancing felt better now without the distraction of the babes.


Shvets said...

Really like it!