Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ban on Blogging

"Yaar blogging banned hai China mein"

I cud not believe my ears...or rather my gtalk. Maybe my computer had got a virus...a Chinese one at that.

"Also facebook, twitter and orkut" He continued. There was no mistaking that one. My antivirus was working.....This was no virus.

"Arey, stop kidding me......are u serious?" This school chum of mine was known for his desire to evoke a response with every statement of his. But I guess this time he was dead serious.

Now this is like a double edged sword if you put some serious thought into it. Its not just about blogging...Its about their whole attitude. Nothing lackadaisical about it. They mean business......this time and each and every time.

If you think as an Indian, there is absolutely nothing wrong with blogging. Its a nice way to vent your feelings, and also to improve your language and writing skills. Now think as a Chinese, and suddenly its bad enough to be banned....."Chin Chan toh". I guess thats how they discuss it. Translates to "When people are blogging or accessing facebook, they are wasting time. They rather be designing missiles to counter the US or viruses to hack into the worlds defence organisation." or " Blogs and facebook can create a mob mentality"

Which is the right thought process no one can be sure. An Indian thinks blogging is right. The Chinese have banned it. The Chinese are making rapid progress, they are knocking on the doors of the US and the Indians are well....I mean OK...they are making progress.

Whatever be the case, and whatever the question. Is banning blogging the answer?

Authors note
: I discovered blogging a year back, and as Mc Donalds says...." I am loving it"


Shine Kapoor said...

Chinese have never propagated freedom of expressions.. I read that during Mao's regime (one of the Chinese ruler), all Chinese were asked to wear only Grey and read a Red booklet five times a day on being a Chinese, how should one behave.. in contrast, I doubt how many India would be aware of their fundamental duties. Here we are free to speak out, unfortunately Chinese are not. I believe that banning blogging is preaching autocracy!

Im loving my blog too~~

samitmehra said...

Yes Shine. It has to be a blend of freedom and rules. That always works best.

But our India is a free country. No restrictions. Its up to our generation start the change.

Every person matters. Stand up and be counted.

Anindita said...

Its a shock....!!! though I hav a few friends and family temporarily settled in China but we never discussed this...1st time I am thankful to God having me placed here in India if not in Europe or America...though I hav always taken the pride of being an Indian.

Hadn't the networking sites been there we wudn't hav existed..Right..!The Chinese theories are like there cheap chinese electronic gadgets...and toys....can never be a part of a better world we dream of.
But there is just one thing I am not very sure of..thats when u say the Chinese r knocking on the Doors of US...sounds like the song Knocking on Heaven's Door...and I dont think US is Heaven anyways..though they are good for sure....but Heaven can be better wid Enuf jobs...stable economy...and equal citizenship and rights....I hope we agree...

samitmehra said...

Anindita, US is not heaven but it is a superpower both militarily and financially.

China is getting close in terms of this comparison...that is what I mean by knocking at the doors of US...

Trust you to always relate everything to some song.....Ur an encyclopedia of songs :)

Vikrant said...

Keep it up dear. Blogging, if done in the way you do, is excellent way of expressing thoughts.