Thursday, October 1, 2009

Damn it...IT

I am basically a Mechanical Engineer...or am I.......Well at least I have the degree. I was a cadet at a defence academy and I was rolling in the slush, and I was getting punched in the stomach, and I was running Dukes Nose (all those who have visited Khandala will know) and back in 40 min with a 20 kilo back pack on my back, and I was climbing ropes and running 15 km cross countries every Sunday. I was doing this for 4 years and at the end of it they gave me a B Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering.

So needless to say I am not too proud of my Engineering knowledge. I barely know the three laws of Thermodynamics.....and I guess that's about it. I did well in my B Tech....maybe that means I got beaten up well and I climbed ropes well, but my organisation decided to send me for M Tech, and that too at the Indian Institute of Technology and in the Greek field of Information Technology.

Before I got this news, my IT skill were nothing to write home about. I could recognize a computer when I saw one, I could differentiate between CPU, monitor and a keyboard and well...that's about it. Formatting a word document was like solving a 3rd degree equation to me.

Thankfully I found a few helpful friends at IIT. They taught me the basics of IT and brought me up to some respectful standard, where from failing in exams, I started doing well. Three cheers to those guys and God bless them.

My IT skills are still limited. Guys who know can see through my facade.....instantly.....A friend in Kolkata once told me..."Its so easy to make out that you are not too good at IT.....You still think like a Mechanical Engineer".

Anyway, the reason for writing this blog, is to thank my sweet friend who decided to take pity on me and do up the background of my blog. I guess this friend was not as straight forward as the Kolkata one and did not tell me that she understood I knew nothing about IT. So not surprisingly, I needed only one request and absolutely no persuasion to get her to agree to doing up the blog.

Thank You Madam


Anindita said...

I feel what actually matters is do we like what we are it "By Chance or By Choice" ur case IT is surely by chance...but u r in one of the nations most honourable job.

Its nice how u accoladed all who helped u achieve ur IT status and it is evident...and ur friend who did the blog makeover deserves a thanks from us her effort is a nice treat for us...and the calcuttan friend for a topic to blog on.........

Nishtha said...

A nice post inundated with appreciations. I believe everyday is a learning process and it isn't mandatory that being an IT person you have to know how to change the blog's template. And then what are friends for? :P

Taniya said...

very serene backgroud...great to see you blog regularly. sometimes small thank you's make a world of difference