Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wake Up Sam

I love the Movies.

I love cuddling up in these really comfortable PVR cinema seats, sinking comfortably in to the depth of the nicely cushioned seat and drifting away to sleep. So obviously, I like the English movies better. I dont understand head nor tail, and the dialogues actually work like a lullaby. The Hindi movies are more disturbing. I am forced to wake up when the back ground music enhancing the melodrama gets louder. Or I willfully open them when the item number happens.

So when the sister in law asked me which show I wanted to see of this new movie "Wake up Sid", I promptly said "laaassshtest...late night". Suited me perfectly. I would be tired after a hectic day of golfing and shopping and would catch up with my sleep. Killing two birds with one stone.....take the wife and sister law out for a movie...while I catch up with my sleep.

But that was not to happen. It turned out to be an amazing movie. Am not gay, but Ranbir looked dashing...Konkana stunning and controlled as usual. Every scene oozed some emotion. Sometimes, it made ur eyes numb, sometimes it made U laugh, sometimes just smile...but something stirred with each scene.

But my mind stirred (unusual activity by my mind) when i got home and lay in bed. Sid, in the movie was lucky to be shown the mirror and had enough time in hand to mend his ways. Its also not only about mending ur ways. Its also about fulfilling ur ambitions, ur desires, ur dreams, ur fantasies.

So I lay in bed and thought. I have reached nearly the halfway mark (calculations based on average life expectancy in India) of my lifetime. Have I achieved whatever I wanted, or even some part of it. Forget that. Do I even know what I want to achieve. Forget about ambitions and goals. Lets talk about the smaller pleasures of life. I have a long list of pending jobs.
  • I want to see the joy on a beggars face when I hand him a Rs 500 note. The only problem here is I have not yet identified a genuine beggar.
  • I want to ski down a snowy mountain slope.
  • I wanna back pack or drive around Europe.
  • I wanna visit the country side of US.
  • I want to make love to a blonde.
  • I wanna play and grow with my kids.
  • I wanna give to my parents.
  • I wanna have a huge bathroom with a bathtub in my own house.
  • I wanna drive around India in my own SUV.
  • I want my friends to trust in me and call me when they need me.
  • I wanna get drunk and let my wife drive me home (yes, I wanna do that once).
The list is never ending. I want to do so much. There are a lot of things I have already ticked off from this list of mine. But the pending list far out weighs it.When will I do it. Have I even planned for it. Am I preparing it? When will I make love to the blonde? When I am 70??? I mean dreams can only be fulfilled and hold their importance when they are fulfilled at the right time. I cant go back packing in Europe when I am 55 nor can the wife drive back a drunk me with my two teen aged kids laughing at me.

Wake up Sam


Anindita said...

Often I write a lot of things about ur articles but this one is straight from a longing heart.....its just "EXTRAORDINARY" thats all i can say......

Shilpi said...


I think this one's the best of all and so damn genuine.... loved every sentence u have written.... :) keep writing such cool stuff and so meaningful ....

Love always Shilpi.....

Taniya said...

dreaming makes us US...very cool touching post. this inspires me to write down my dream list

dr dang said...

nice post...and thats what ui belive in as well...agar time pe cheez na mile to uski value itni nahi rehti..

so wake up:)

preeti said...

just read this post.could be one of the best reviews that this movie has got...seriosly u have gr8 writing or should i say expressing skills...folks watch out u could be the very next chetan bhagat..keep it up.