Monday, August 6, 2012

Half Life

Half Life..... There used to be some formula for it in class 8 or 10... maybe 9. Don't remember the formula now. Its pretty simple... Life expectancy in India is about 70 years. I am exactly 35. Quite simple to work out actually....

Was just thinking what has changed.... in the last 10 years... maybe even 5.... A few things which come straight into my mind...

  • I lived on the 12th floor 8 years back... today I am on the 15th and suddenly the lifts seem to have got so much slower. I also get more irritated when the lift stops at every floor.... I don't think it ever bothered me a decade ago.
  • I drove 30 km a day on my bike 10 years ago.... Now I drive maybe 3 km a day, but my back seems to hurt more.
  • I lost my patience sometime when I was 30.
  • I am much more patient with the wife. I definitely love her much more. But its more subtle now. The 30 min "I Love You's" are gone... The roses now seem costlier... The impromptu midnight drives are dangerous... The coffee sitting at the parapet of the International Airport seems a stupid idea... But then now the house is empty when she is not there..... she is the only one who can make paneer bhurji.... I know the exact mood she is as soon as she says "Hello" on the phone.... her illness makes me sick.... the spring in her step makes me energetic.... her smile makes me laugh.
  • Don't feel like connecting my laptop to a RJ 45. Need the house to be a Wi-Fi hot spot.
  • Was getting a house in Pune for 7 lakh then.... Was more interested in having paav bhaaji at Chowpaaty. Today bought the same house for 35 lakh and paav bhaaji has to be at Kailash Parbat.
  • I value my parents much more.... or rather the parent I have left.
  • Guy friends then were more binging partners, and girl friends disco and ball partners. Guy friends today are rocks I lean on, and girl friends carry my emotional baggage.
  • My wallet then usually had only Rs 100/- today probably Rs 500/-.
  • I realise that 10 years seems like so much when you are on the starting line and so little when you have finished.
  • My younger brother does'nt seem like a cry baby any more.
  • I probably thought I was a big stud and invincible when I was 25. At 35 life has shown me the realities in so many ways.
  • Egg yolks..... strict no no....
 Also probably a nice time to take a pause and think and ponder over where I come from... where I wanna go??? Separate the wheat from the chaff. Keep what matters to me and cut the appendages. Cherish what I have and not worry about what I don't.

Pity I have not yet figured out that formula... Could have helped me figure out a few things.


Raindrop said...

Oh what a lovely post! And absolutely true too. Perfect end read to a tiring day.